Barca had the worst start in La Liga in the past 25 years

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Barca had the worst start in La Liga in the past 25 years

The defeat against Atletico Madrid left Barca with the worst start to La Liga in 25 years after the tournament applied 3 points to a win.

Barca continued to receive another defeat in La Liga when they fell to Atletico Madrid. This result made Barca only 3 wins, 2 draws, and 3 defeats in the first 8 rounds. They earn only 11 points out of the maximum 24 points. This is Barca’s worst achievement in the past 25 years.

Ever since La Liga applied the 3-point approach to a win in the 1995/96 season, the Catalan club has never had such a slow start to the season. Barca’s two other bad starts in the 2002/03 and 2003/04 seasons also won 1 point more than this season. Then they won 3, drew 3 and lost 2.

The last time Barca lost 3 matches in just the first 8 rounds, also took place from the 2000/01 season. But at the time, the Catalan club still won more points than it is now. They won 4, drew 1, lost 3, and won 13 points, 2 points more than their achievements this season.

Ter Stegen’s mistake made Barca pay a heavy price

The bad start is causing Barca to drop deeply to 10th place on the rankings and 9 points behind La Liga top. This is indeed a situation that few Barca fans can think of before the season starts.

Barca with terrible data when the opponent leads the table

Barca has suffered many bad results this season and it is easy to see that they cannot reverse the situation if they are led.

After 8 rounds in La Liga, Barca only got 11 out of 24 points. In other words, Messi and his teammates have lost 13 points since their opening match on September 27 against Villarreal at the Nou Camp.

Barca scored very few goals when the opponent was ahead

In these matches that Barca did not win, they only scored 3 goals but conceded 7 times. Apparently, the Blaugrana’s attack efficiency was too low to make a comeback. Up to now, Barcelona has had 6 consecutive matches to receive goals. They have not been able to keep a clean sheet since October 1 meeting with Celta Vigo.

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