Bayern Munich beat Sevilla to win the European Super Cup

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Bayern Munich beat Sevilla to win the European Super Cup

The 2020 European Super Cup match will be the clash between Champions League champions Bayern Munich and Europa League champions Sevilla.

Champions League champions Bayern Munich will meet Europa League winners Sevilla to decide this year’s European Super Cup title.

After Prague (2013), Cardiff (2014), Tbilisi (2015), Trondheim (2016), Skopje (2017), Tallinn (2018), and Istanbul (2019), it is Budapest’s turn to be the city empowered to host the Super Cup. since leaving that familiar place in Monaco.

The Puskas Arena in Budapest hosts the Super Cup match

This year’s Super Cup was originally held at Do Dragao in Porto, Portugal on August 12. However, on 17/6, UEFA decided to move the match to Budapest due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bayern Munich beat Sevilla to win the European Super Cup

Last season, Sevilla pocketed about 27 million euros after winning the Europa League championship by winning Inter, and Bayern Munich earned more than 115 million euros by beating PSG in the final. Now, the team that wins the Super Cup pocket adds 4.5 million euros.

Unlike the continent’s two other major leagues, the European Super Cup distributes only 1 million euros in prize money to the winning team. In addition, Bayern and Sevilla received 3.5 million euros while playing this match as Champions League and Europa League champions. Therefore, Bayern Munich has an additional 4.5 million euros when winning the first title of the season.

Bayern Munich beat Sevilla to win the European Super Cup

How much bonus does Bayern Munich earn for winning the European Super Cup?

Bayern Munich became the 2020 European Super Cup champion after defeating Sevilla at Puskas Arena, thereby increasing his bonus. Hansi Flick’s Bayern Munich dominated the European Super Cup match thanks to goals from Goretzka and Javi Martinez after Ocampos’s opener.

This match saw UEFA experimentally enter the stadium for the first time with an estimated 15,000 people arriving at the Puskas Arena in Budapest.

Bayern Munich pocketed an additional 4.5 million bonuses

UEFA over the years has raised a lot of bonuses in the Champions League. Real Madrid once earned 57.4 million euros after the 2014 championship. Just 4 years later, in 2018, they pocketed 88.6 million euros after the coronation. That is a significant difference.

When UEFA started distributing the new 2018-2021 3-year package, Liverpool earned 111 million euros with the Champions League title in 2019, nearly double the amount Real Madrid received five years ago.

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