Decision to cancel the Golden Ball 2020 award

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Decision to cancel the Golden Ball 2020 award

France Football magazine announced on July 20 the decision to cancel the Golden Ball award in 2020, because of Covid-19.

The reasons

The French magazine cited seven reasons not to hold this award.

First, this year cannot be considered a normal year. When there is controversy, the decision to not organize the Golden Ball would be better.

Second, the Golden Ball not only honors individual excellence but also a symbol of solidarity, responsibility, and model.

Third, there are tournaments canceled, there is still an ongoing tournament. It is not possible to compare players in these tournaments.

Fourth, the organizers do not want the winner to star next to it, with the caption: ‘The award is given in the special context of Covid-19’. They ‘would rather have sprains, than the scars left behind.’

Fifth, there are tournaments still taking place between Covid-19 in special circumstances, such as no audience, replacing five people per game, the quarterfinals onwards in the Champions League takes place only once.

Sixth, about 220 members participating in the Ballot Ballot vote could be affected by voting, because they prioritize the more important things in the middle of a pandemic.

The final reason is that the Golden Ball is too prestigious to be risked for juggling. In the current chaotic context, stopping the award for a very urgent year. Then football will regain motivation, passion, and emotion.

France Football will not be held this year, but France Football will vote for the Dream Team, consisting of 11 of the best players in history by position.

In the top five leagues in Europe, only Ligue 1 was canceled because of Covid-19. The remaining four tournaments took place in a state of no audience.

Team matches have also been postponed or canceled, with Euro 2020 moving to 2021. Some of the players expected to win the Golden Ball 2020 are Robert Lewandowski, Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos, Lionel Messi, or Virgil van Dijk.

On May 13, FIFA also announced that it may not hold the Best Award this year

The Ballon d’Or is the most prestigious football prize in the world, awarded to outstanding individuals each year. Messi is the richest in achievements, with six awards. Behind him is Cristiano Ronaldo, with one less league.

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