How many goals does Messi score in the Champions League after 15 years?

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How many goals does Messi score in the Champions League after 15 years?

Barca meets Dynamo Kiev tonight and Messi has the chance to score his 16th anniversary in scoring his first Champions League goal. On November 2, 2005, Messi scored his first Champions League goal in a Barcelona shirt against Greek Panathinaikos.

It was a confrontation in the group stage of the 2005/06 season when Panathinaikos was a guest at the Nou Camp. Messi was only 18 years old, playing alongside his seniors Samuel Eto’o and Ronaldinho.

Frank Rijkaard’s Barca won 5-0 from the first half. Van Bomme opened the scoring in the first minute and Eto’o, who scored a hat-trick, raised the score to 2-0 in the 14th minute. 20 minutes later, it was the young Argentine’s turn to score his first goal at the tournament.

15 years later, the Argentine star has a total of 117 goals in the Champions League and will look to increase this spectacular number against Dynamo Kiev tonight. Of the 17 seasons that Messi played with Barcelona in the Champions League, only the 2004/05 campaign was when he was empty-handed because he played only one game.

Messi continues to be the lord of penalties for Barca

Barca still had to rely on Messi’s goal to beat Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League and this time it continued to be a goal on the penalty spot.

Although Messi has reduced his number of goals at the start of the 2020/21 season, the fact that from the penalty spot he is showing great reliability. Four penalties and four goals, three of them in the Champions League.

Messi completed all four penalties for Barca this season

After 3 minutes, the referee signaled a penalty when Messi tried to penetrate the penalty area. At first, it was thought that it was a foul outside the box, but the footage turned around clearly shows what happened inside.

This is Messi’s third goal since the start of the European Cup season and the fourth in all competitions and all from 11 meters away.

It was also La Pulga’s 118th Champions League goal after 146 matches. Plus four European Super Cup matches, he created a milestone of 150 matches on the continental playground. The most remarkable thing is that in half of these (75 matches), Messi has scored goals, which no player has achieved.

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