Napoli asked to change the venue of the Napoli-Barca match

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Napoli asked to change the venue of the Napoli-Barca match

Being worried about the development of Covid-19 in Catalonia, President Aurelio De Laurentiis called for UEFA to change the venue of the Napoli-Barca match in the second round of the Champions League.

Catalonia, home to Barca’s headquarters, is recording a spike in Covid-19 cases. More than 7,000 people have died, out of a total of over 93,000, according to AS. Health authorities and local authorities have asked people to stay home for 15 days.

Camp Nou Stadium is where the second leg between host Barca and Napoli will take place on August 8th. Due to the pandemic, European football had to stop playing from March to May. Some only returned from June, including La Liga and Serie A, but took place on closed grounds.

The Champions League has stalled since March 11th when it has just played half of the matches on 1/8 round. The remaining 1/8 round pairs, including Bayern – Chelsea, Real – Man City, Juventus – Lyon, and Barca – Napoli, will be held on the home team as usual.

From the quarterfinals, the tournament was held in the capital Lisbon, Portugal. UEFA chose this location because of its neutral nature. There are no more representatives of Portugal in the Champions League. It is also the country that recorded the lowest number of coronavirus infections in Europe.

Four quarter-finals took place in four days, from August 12 to August 15. Two semi-finals on August 18 and August 19. The final on August 23.

The Champions League is like a gift to Portugal

According to economist Daniel Sa, being selected to host the final stage of the Champions League this season will have a positive impact on Portugal.

Da Luz Stadium will host seven Champions League matches within 12 days

This season, from the quarterfinals, the Champions League will take place on Da Luz (capital Lisbon).

Portugal was selected by UEFA because of the neutral nature of this member football background. There are no more representatives of them in the Champions League. The Iberian Peninsula country also has the lowest number of nCoV infections in Europe.

The last time Da Luz Stadium hosted the Champions League final was in 2014 when Real was crowned with a 4-1 victory over Atletico Madrid. That year, the host country benefited economically by about US $ 50 million.

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