Tottenham is expected to make a breakthrough in the Premier League

Premier League

Tottenham is expected to make a breakthrough in the Premier League

There are many reasons for the Premier League situation to become unpredictable. The late end of the 2019/20 season leaves big teams less time to prepare for the current season, which is a difficult problem.

The star player overload is visible, as they have had to plow for a long way. Remember, their physical condition has not returned to their best after the return of football after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The continuous competition between the national championships with the Champions League and the Europa League also significantly affects the performance of big teams.

For a team with a team background that is not as abundant as Arsenal, this is indeed a nightmare. And it also explains why “Gunners” lost the cheat from the beginning of the season. Meanwhile, another big man, MU, played erratically, or badly.

Tottenham is expected to make a breakthrough

This situation inadvertently makes the Premier League more competitive. It is not witnessing the superiority of Liverpool and Man City like many recent seasons. Instead of one of these two big guys, Tottenham is now the leading team. Meanwhile, the top 8 has the presence of teams in the bottom row such as West Ham, Southampton, Wolves.

Tottenham is expected to make a breakthrough in the Premier League

Coach Jurgen Klopp in an interview with the Daily Mail recently confirmed that the 2020/21 Premier League title is the race of 8 teams, instead of just Liverpool and Man City as in previous seasons. In particular, Tottenham is predicted to be the team with the highest ability to breakthrough.

Coach Jose Mourinho’s army has an advantage over Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, and MU. That is, they only attend the Europa League, a secondary tournament that “Special One” does not pay much attention to. Besides, Tottenham is also a team with good preparation from the beginning of the season.

It is not natural for Spurs to beat Manchester’s two great men, drawing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Because in the hands of coach Mourinho is a team with good quality. So, Tottenham deserves to be the team that is expected to compete with Liverpool and Man City.

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