Van de Beek could be the key piece that Man Utd is missing

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Van de Beek could be the key piece that Man Utd is missing

Solskjaer can also change the scheme. He could sacrifice a winger to use diamond midfield, with Fernandes kicking top, Pogba on the left, Van de Beek on the opposite side, and Matic the lowest. In theory, Solskjaer will put four midfielders in their favorite positions if using this scheme.

The presence of Matic will help Pogba and Van de Beek comfortably move higher and also allow Fernandes to focus on the task of linking up with strikers. Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial can still flap and leave goals in the penalty area for either Pogba or Van de Beek.

More importantly, Van de Beek will help the Man Utd squad depth increase. The ability to play in multiple positions in midfield can turn the Dutch player into a secret card. He will help to offload Pogba and Fernandes and making Man Utd’s tactics more unpredictable.

Van de Beek has impressed in the 2018-2019 Champions League

Van de Beek has a reputation as an attacking midfielder. He scored 41 goals in 175 games, including vital goals to help the Dutch club reach the semi-finals of the Champions League 2018-2019. The ability to win the ball back in the opponent’s field is also a strong point of the 23-year-old midfielder, making him suitable for playing as high as an attacking midfielder.

Man Utd may be missing the last piece

The Man Utd squad last season was enough to help them win a Champions League ticket after Fernandes moved in in January. But at the end of the season, when the player’s fitness declined, Man Utd lost to Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-finals and was eliminated by Sevilla in the Europa League semi-finals.

Solskjaer was criticized for lack of rotation but he understood Man Utd’s squad was not strong enough to do so.

Man Utd still needs additional defense and attack. But Van de Beek’s presence ensured they had a thick enough midline. Solskjaer probably does not have a headache about this area. Van de Beek may not have caught the level of Pogba or Fernandes yet, but he is an upgrade over Fred, Scott McTominay, or Andreas Pereira.

Without starting, Van de Beek could be a change of strategy – a player capable of creating a game-changing moment. That is another reason why the 23-year-old midfielder was pursued by Man Utd for a long time before signing a five-year contract with a term allowing an extension of one year.

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