Why can Chelsea pour so much money into the summer transfer of 2020? (Part 2)

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Why can Chelsea pour so much money into the summer transfer of 2020? (Part 2)

Lampard won the trust of President Abramovich

President Roman Abramovich did not spend money without bluff, because he wanted to bring Chelsea back to the top team. The performance of coach Frank Lampard last season captured Abramovich’s faith. Chelsea finished in the top 4 with a group of young players. Therefore, the Russian billionaire is not afraid to spend money on Lampard to bring in players like this summer.

Chelsea was banned from UEFA transfer

Chelsea was banned from UEFA transfer for two consecutive periods, then reduced to only one period – summer 2019. In January 2020, Chelsea also spent only 53 million USD to buy off midfielder Mateo Kovacic. As a result, their player depreciation will be significantly reduced from 2020.

In the opposite direction, during these two transfer periods, they collected $ 186 million from the sale of players. In which they made $ 136 million from Real Madrid for the Eden Hazard deal. Not to mention Chelsea has collected $ 87 million from the sale of players this summer, mostly from striker Alvaro Morata’s return to Atletico Madrid.

The average age of the four recruits that Chelsea must pay transfer fees is 24 years old. Lampard framework is in hand can play at its peak for nearly 10 years. That advantage may save them from spending too much money in the years to come. The summer 2020 transfer window will be a pivotal point for Chelsea’s long-term strategy.

Chelsea also does not owe as much as most of the big team, thanks to Abramovich’s tricks. He put his own money into Chelsea, interest-free, but through the parent company Fordstam. Fordstam owes Abramovich $ 1.5 billion.

And Chelsea’s financial report shows that the team owes only $ 103 million in 2019, while Tottenham owes $ 855 million. Chelsea has not lost interest payments in the past three years, and the remaining five teams in the top six have paid between $ 8 million and $ 69 million.

The team that pays the most interest is Man Utd when Glazer owners take advantage of the team’s profits to recover capital. And Abramovich, with a fortune of $ 12.5 billion according to Forbes, considers Chelsea a passion.

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